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Root Kinda new to this so


May 19, 2010
If I root I will be able to uninstall things such as facebook and foot prints, right? So how exactly do I do this? Not root but uninstall the apps. Will they now show up in an uninstaller program? Also rooting is not the same as flashing a new ROM or is it. I have read that there are many ROMs to flash with. So first I root the phone and them I pick a ROM flash it. Is this right? What is the best ROM to use? All I really want to do is get rid of the stuff that I dont use, like footprits and such. I really dont care about doing much else. I have heard that a Ivan ROM is a good one to use. Please help I do not know that much about this stuff and if there is a way to uninstall the things I dont use without rooting I would be just as happy with that to.


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