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Kotlin For Android Developers


Jun 15, 2018
Kotlin is JetBrains new programming language, the maker of the world’s best IDEs. Now Kotlin supported by Google For Android.
Kotlin comes from industry, not academia. It solves problems faced by working programmers today. As an example, the type system helps you avoid null pointer exceptions. Research languages tend to not have null at all.

Why Kotlin

Java Interoperability
Kotlin language is inter-operable with java. It means we can user previous java project with new kotlin classes also and all Java frameworks are still available. We have a one-click java to kotlin converters also.

Familiar syntax
Kotlin Language syntax is very familiar to any programing language who came from OOP domine. There are some differences compare to Java such as val, var

Class Example{
val a:String= “Kosmik” //val means unmodifiable
Var i:int=1 // var means modifiable
Fun hellworld(){
Val str=”hello”
print(“$str World”)
I still don't understand why someone would choose Kotlin over Java. Why reinvent the wheel? What are the shortcomings of the Java language, that necessitate using an entire new language? I can understand moving to a new way of working, if the current way presented problems.
You know, Java features on all lists of the world's most popular programming languages. From a career perspective, and sought after skills, it would make sense for software developers to concentrate on Java, rather than a less popular language like Kotlin.
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How are they going to increase the number of Kotlin developers? Two years later and still not enough learning resources available. And because of that it's really hard to find highly-qualified developers. My boss wanted to make an app for Android on Kotlin (a way to promote our services and make customers experience better) and couldn't find a good executor. So he found an agency https: //develux.com/it-recruiting which specializes in finding software developers. And they've done a good job - our app is working good, but if there were more Kotlin developers on the market we won't have to use a mediator.
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