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Help Lag has appeared on my Gal S2


May 31, 2011
Can anyone shed some light on this for me please? As it's driving me NUTS!!!

All of a sudden my Galaxy S2 has developed a 2-3 second lag. Now this lag only occurs when exiting apps or service; i.e if I'm in msg's and use the back button to exit to the home screen there is a lag of 2-3 seconds before the home screen appears this goes for exiting any app!?

This has only started the last few days, but has anyone else had this, if so how so how did you solve it?

Thanks very much, sent from a lagging Galaxy S2 lol.
I repeat a post I made in response to a member complaining of phone instability, this should work for lag too:

Try using Task Manager and the free Android Assistant and Android System Cleaner to clear caches and shut down apps you're not using... most continue to run in some capacity when you simply exit them by hitting the back or home buttons, which increases the chances of driver/network incompatibilities if, for example, two or more of these apps decide to phone home for updates at the same time.
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