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Landscape screen dim outside and 2.1 keyboard issues


May 22, 2010
Hi All,

When outside or in the car, the landscape brightness of my Eris is rather dim making viewing difficult but when I switch back to the portrait view the screen is of normal brightness. Inside, switching from portrait to landscape viewing is not an issue. This was happening while on 1.5 as well. I have looked and played around with settings but can not seem to find a solution. Any suggestions?

Another quirk, that arose with 2.1, is the keyboard. It seems to easily go to all caps, numbers, or exits with the slightest variance off of the A, M or the space key. My daughter's Eris is having the same issue with the keyboard. Any suggestions for a better keyboard?

Eris is my first smart phone and I am loving the experience.


You could use Swype instead of the regular keyboard.

Concerning the brightness in landscape mode outside issue...are you by any chance viewing your phone with polarized sun glasses? Because I have the same problem when I look at the phone in landscape mode outside with my sun glasses on. It seems like the phone brightness goes away and the screen is almost completely black, yet when I put it back to portrait I can see it again.
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Are you sure your not covering up the light sensor with your finger? The phone may be thinking your in a dark place and lowering the brightness accordingly. Avoid having your finger on this spot on the phone:


If you find that it keeps doing it, go to display settings and in the brightness setting disable the automatic brightness.
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It's the sunglasses. I have the exact same issue.

It's not the actual brightness that is dimming. Lift your sunglasses off and you will see that the phone is just as bright as it is in portrait mode. This drives me crazy when I am on the golf course. I keep forgetting that it's the sunglasses and think something is wrong with my phone.
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