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Leaked 2.1 and Actual PHONE issues

I downloaded the leaked 2.1 update last week. Is it the same as the official? Any reason to redownload the official one or is the leaked one fine?

Another issues I have had with 1.5 and now its worse with 2.1 is using the Phone portion of the Hero. The Dialer is slow and laggy almost to the point of not usuable. When I am dialing a number it sometimes will ignore the keypad and dial what ever listed number is on the call log behind the dialer. I have to wait almost 2 seconds between each number when I am using the Dialer. When i click on a last dialed number in the call log it takes 15-20 seconds to actually dial. It just sits there. When i call from the phone book it is fine. This is the only issue I have with the hero, other then that love the phone and love sprint.



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