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Help LED Flashlight App for the Moment


Nov 5, 2009
I cannot seem to find an app that allows the moment to use the LED flash as a flashlight. I noticed that there is one that works for the droid, but when I search for it on the market with my phone I cannot find it.. or any other app that will do it.

Anyone know of one?
looking for this app too. Will try the post above. the only thing that bothers me is these high intensity LEDs actually do produce a lot of heat. I have a lot of Hight powered LED flash lights and these have a heat sink behind the LED to keep them for over heating. I and it is a camera "flash" light so it was probably not really meant to be used for an extended amount of time. I one flash light I do have even has caution hot laser into the aluminum housing. All I can say is be carefully LEDs to die too.
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I have been searching forever for an app that let's me use the camera flash as a light and finally found one! But I have noticed comments that this will ruin my led. That its only meant to be used for a flash or a few second burst. I don't understand why this will hurt my led if it stays on for extended amounts of time when I use my vid cam. So what's the deal? Will it or wil it not destroy my led?
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