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legit decent deal at radio shack evo shift 99.99 with useless cell phone trade in

My wife picked up a Shift tonight with this promotion. She says my Evo is too big and she wanted the hard keyboard. Traded in my old Razr. They wouldn't take the wifes Pre because the power button is broken and the phone had to be able to be powered off and on.

$106 out the door. Only thing I don't like is the 2gb stock memory card. I ordered a32gb for my Evo and she can have the 16gb card I bought fire my Evo.
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As I said earlier, they took mine on the 10th, it was a Sanyo flip from the days when "power vision" was still in the future, if any of you can remember that far back. He did read on his computer, then said "it says to check for water damage", he removed the battery and weakly tried to say the white sticker with "x x x " in red was an activated sign. I just said "No, the white background says its not" and that did it.
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My wife has been eyeing the Evo Shift for a few months, but we don't have the finances to afford it. Until yesterday evening when she went online and discovered that Radio Shack is offering the Shift FREE with a new contract or upgrade (contract extension). We paid $15 total for 2 day shipping and that's it. Imagine her excitement, especially since she's been using an old Samsung Moment since her Centro went bye-bye.
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