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Lenovo S856 LTE manual flashing ROM without QPST tools


Nov 22, 2015
Hi everyone,

I just want to share about this Lenovo S856 LTE rom. Yesterday, I have accidentally uninstall 1 system app which is I do not know if it will make this device bricked and it is IDEA.apk and some themes app. Before that, I have also root this device using kingroot and all work fine as it should. Spent all night trying to find best solution as the device won't booting and just stuck at bootanimation and ended with blackscreen. Since this is my first time using this model, I also don't know it's quiet complicated to flash new ROM with QPST tools.

But thanks to whoever who compiled this Lenovo s856 rom into 1 flashable file ( QSB file ). It's huge than normal ROM I ever found, it was 1.5 GB and I did successfully recover my device after several attempt and findings.

Firstly, download ROM - Lenovo_S856_ROW_S138_141113 from google search Using IDM would be great to download this 1.1GB zip file.

2. Enter recovery mode by pressing Vol + and Vol - together and press Power button and reset device to its factory. ( format data/cache)

3. Reboot again and now enter Service Mode by pressing Vol - and Power button. There is 13 options available and selecting them using volume button and power button is for OK.

4. Choose number 5 ( factory reset ) and number 6 ( erase user data ) this is necessary as I tried once skipping this option and device keep rebooting non stop. I'm not sure what makes it rebooting and rebooting. :thinking: maybe caches or dalvik not wiped completely using recovery wipe method.
5. Choose number 8, ( backup MRD data ) and next number 10 ( Save Parameter ) to backing up modem files into your external SD card. Reboot into Service mode again.

6. Once you got your download file completed, copy it into your external sd and reboot into service mode. Now choose number 4 ( SD update ) and let's it do it work, flashing will take about 5 minutes.

and REBOOT! [emoji1]

Now, let see if you're having any issue e.g stuck at boot, please repeat the process once again and I'm sure it will fix.

And if phone not detecting your SIMcard. please boot into Service Mode and choose number 11 ( Load Parameter ) and REBOOT.

Good Luck! [emoji106] [emoji106]


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