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LG G Stylo H631 - Constant Reconnect USB Device


Jun 24, 2017
My cell phone prompts me to allow connection with computer, but then prompt disappears and then reappears. It will do this constantly, without allowing me to tap the allow link.

I've unmounted the SD card and remounted. Turned the phone off and back on, and it continues to do this.

It's never done this before. Started doing this today.

Earlier, I unmounted the SD card and removed it from my phone. I put it into an adapter so I could download files off and onto the computer, as this was faster and easier than plugging the phone to the USB port. After I was done, I put the SD card back into the phone. Several hours later, I wanted to put music files on the SD card, so I inserted the cable from the phone, into a USB port on my laptop, and this is when the problem started.

Another thing I should note, is that when I put the card back into the phone, the phone recognized the card without me having to remount the card. Is this where the problem is coming from??


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