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LG G3 reception (radio) verizon


Oct 28, 2014
I'm on my second Samsung phone 1st the nexus now the note 2 and the 1 thing I haven't been happy with is the signal bat at top seems to constantly drop as soon as I want to use an app that uses data expecially at work (somewhat a confined room with no windows and one door) I would like to try an LG phone but not sure if there radios are any better. Any help thanks
The g3 has been awesome in the reception department it's actually one of my favorite things about this phone. The nexus did have crap radios but the note 2 was really solid for me in that department as well (best radios in a Samsung phone to date imo.) Could be a problem with your note 2..
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I have had a s3, razr hd, One M7, s5 and now a lg g3.

The 2 best for cellphone signal were the razr hd and G3

The G3 is actually best overall, whenever it says I have signal, I do. I also get LTE in more places than all the others.

i would say if you want strong signal go with either this or a Motorola. Personally I think the G3 is the best phone verizon offers at the time.
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