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Help LG K92 5G phone low audio and must be rebooted each time I connect to a bluetooth speaker


2 problems:

1) The subject phone has a very low ringtone and youtube audio even with the volume (to include all of the hidden volume settings maxed out). I can't figure it out.

2) I have to reboot my phone each time I want to connect to a bluetooth speaker. Example...I start playing a video in youtube. I then hear "device connected" through the speaker (any speaker). However, the device continues to play through the phone (very softly of course) as per problem 1. It is very frustrating hearing the words "device connected" and "device connected" at full volume through a big speaker a total of 4 times when people are trying to sleep.

It wasn't always this way for either issue.

i would try a factory reset. was it always like this? or was this after an update?

I performed a factory reset not too long ago actually since I had trouble with the phone freezing. I think that was due to an application since that hasn't happened since. I was also having a problem with bluetooth volume recently where the fix was to disable absolute volume in the Developer section.

I am not sure whether or not this happened after a software update. It's hard to tell because there are a whole myriad of updates pushed after a reset.

Resetting is such a pain in the neck. I end up losing everything unless I prepare for a few hours. I guess if there is no other option I will give it a whirl.

Thanks for taking a stab at it.
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I just reset the phone and lost most everything again. The good news is that I have my sound level back to normal and that weird bluetooth mess isn't happening. The bad news is that I have no idea what is breaking it.

How does a person reasonably establish what is breaking it? Just install 10 apps at a time and then start troubleshooting then reset my phone again and again?

Very frustrating.

Also, why is it that older OS updates come up when they feel like it but if you want to update there are no updates available? I'd like to do all of my updates now so that I can see if one of those OS or AT&T carrier updates are breaking it before I put alot of stuff on my phone.

Thanks for the help so far.
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