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Lollipop update now available in India for Note 3. problems and enhancements


Mar 5, 2015
Updated to lollipop yesterday through OTA. Full of bugs. Ringtone for incoming calls not there / some of the gesture controls not working / unexpected closure of the some applications /.
One good thing battery life extended .For the first time i could see on screen time more than 3 hrs 40 min and still 9% remaining.
Most of the problems solved after doing a factory reset ( a hard reset ), beware to take all the necessary backups before doing factory reset. Ringtones etc restored.... few gesture started working but few still struggling to work... no unexpected closure of the applications.... buttery smooth .... again battery life for 2nd / 3rd day more than 3 hrs and 30 minutes.... spen screen capture not working though.... ( very important and useful feature which i use almost daily....).... lock screen notifications are good but sometimes are irritating... looking to enable / disable manually....
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