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Long Term S20 Ultra (Snapdragon) Impressions: Great Phone, still a finicky camera.

Aashna Jain

Apr 18, 2020
Was gonna do a write up on this earlier but alas things have been hectic! So originally I wasn't s.planning on buying the s20 line because of the pricing was getting a bit ridiculous even for me that loves to switch up phones, but there was a compelling buy 2 get a $900 debit card promo at costco, so I did end up getting both a s20 ultra and s20+. Had the hardest time deciding on which to keep. s20+ is mostly definitely the better phone, but the ultra is just the more interesting option... and so here we are.

  • Size wise, coming from a note10+, the ultra is slightly more narrow but taller. Also noticeably heavier due to the weird weight distribution. The huge camera hump doesn't smoothly transition into the back glass so expect your finger to feel a bit weird back there if you are holding the phone without a case. Speaking of which, the camera hump is quite tall so there are plenty of cases out there that barely protect the camera area... so one gotta pay attention to that. It did take me a week or 2 to get used to the weight on my pinky when holding it normally, but you get used to it.

  • The much flatter screen is easily the best part of the phone imo. minimal distortion and weird refraction on the curves unlike every other modern curvy phone these days. Just a joy to view. the taller screen + the smaller front camera means 18:9 videos that you often see from tech youtubers don't intrude into the camera area unlike the note 10+.

  • 120hz is great. 1080p cap is a bummer. No way to spin that. Samsung is apparently working on this, but who knows at this point. I'd still take it over 1440p 60 though. 120hz is noticeably more smooth than my 90hz pixel 4xl as well. I still occasionally see the phone drop down to 60hz, and my phone isn't really hot or low battery either. The quick fix is to just toggle 60/120hz... hopefully all these bugs are ironed out. This is definitely the most important feature in modern phones though. Would not recommend people buy a new phone that's not at least 90hz these days at over $400.

  • fp sensor is much better than my note 10+. Do note I'm still using the plastic film protector vs I switched to a glass loca based protector on the note. Still wish the sensor position was bigger though. Do note the fp sensor still works great in today's environment, while face unlock doesn't do shit on my pixel 4 xl with a mask on :)


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