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Looking at photo sent by text, when clicked it reads Media not found


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When a photo is sent to me through text when I go to open it, it goes to a black screen reading "Media not found". The first few times I did it, it asked me if I wanted to send to gallery or Picasso. I clicked gallery and had no problem. Last few messages it goes to the black screen with "Media not found" and does not give me the option to choose. How do i fix that?
There are a couple of possibilities. The most likely cause is that the person sending the text isn't actually sending a picture. (They think they are, but it's not really being sent.) Sending a picture by text is actually sending you a link to a picture stored on an MMS server. If the sender's APN information (which includes that server's address) is set wrong, they're sending you what's basically a "link to nowhere".

Or the process could be getting corrupted in a few different other ways.

The only way to tell for sure is to deconstruct the message (that takes some specialized software), finding the link and looking at it. There may be no such file on the server, there may be no such server, etc.

Check for commonality in the problem. Is it always the same person whose pictures don't get through? Is it always people using iPhones that are causing the trouble? If you can narrow it down, some people can suggest some things you can try to at least figure out what the problem is, if not also how to fix it.

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