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Looking for a stream app...

Does anyone know of an app that can steam 700 WLW (Cincinnati channel) ? iheartradio does, but it only plays about 25% of the time.

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Not sure if the channel you are referring to is on this app, but this app has literally hundreds of streaming channels and it works great! It's called A Online Radio. Very cool with tons of site around the world and all different genres, etc. Very cool!
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I used A Online Radio for awhile then switched to XiiaLive. I installed XiiaLive, then used the browser to navigate to the "Listen Live" link on the radio station's website. It automatically launched XiiaLive. A Online Radio would play one of the the stations I wanted to listen to, but XiiaLive plays several. And it's a really slick-looking UI

Good luck!
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