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Looking for app to make photos private


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Nov 6, 2009
hi im looking for an app to make certain photos private if it did videos as well that would be a plus..i tried photovault but what i dont like about this app is once you make a photo private you cant attach it anywhere in an email or what not

so is there anything else out there that does this?
PhotoVault. You have to go in and un-hide the pictures to attach them, but it password protects them.

if you read my post i wrote that i already tried photovault and yes it hides them but still cant attach
looks to me like he read yours, you just didnt read his. Go in and un-hide the picture in order to attach. Then "rehide" it. Or just dont take pictures that you would have to hide from a particular person in the first place, thats way easier for me. Your call
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Actually, if you place it in a hidden folder like suggested and then use Astro, you can go to the folder and long press any pic/vid you have there and then choose send.

This is what I do. Give the main folder a very generic name and make a subfolder with another generic name then store the pictures in that one. No one would ever stumble upon them and as long as the folder name starts with a period it will be hidden from the gallery.

Just remember that Astro will always stay on the last folder you had open so you need to hit the Astro Home button before leaving the app...
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