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Looking for great, time wasting game

Well i've been looking for apps on the droid that can keep me busy, but I really dont know any other then angry birds, which i've already played too many times. So I like to know if there were any games (preferablly free) that you all suggest? I love all types of games, and hope you guys have some good ones
Here's my sony xperia x10 list I downloaded yesterday and probbaly the best games for me so far and looking at the list above nothing similar I don't think.

Here it is there are a mix of types.

3D pool Master 2 - Best out of all pool games and has Snooker.

Agent (Shoot the Targets) - Wicked game and very accurate.

Buka HD - Move big ball around and destroy or push away everything at the side, HD game so strong colours.

Drift Mania HD - Best drifting car game really recommend.

Evac HD - A get away game and with good quality colours. Your a live square block and while escasping other live blocks you move talk to you. Kind of funny.

GRave Defense Gold - If you have played Tower defense its the same type but harder and you really have to think where to put your machinery guns.

Jet Car Stunts - Its a good game that can be played online. Personally not the best racing game.

Totemo HD - A good HD game but I need to go through story mode to understand how to really play it.

Touch Racing Nitro - This is the best racing game controlled by one finger. Drift Mania HD as I mentioned above is the best drifting game but this is the best non drifting racing game and is very different. You are racing small Remote Controlled Cars looking at the game in top view and controlling them with one finger. The further you place your finger the faster the Cars go and there is Nos but I'm a bit unsure on how to use them yet. Only downloaded the games yesterday.

Seriously download these games you won't be disappointed unless you really hate racing or puzzle games.
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Gun Bros is good for killing time, but it's frustrating how expensive everything is after awhile. Still, if you're looking to kill alot of time, and don't need a storyline, then it's good mindless fun.

"Roller" is skee-ball that actually plays very well. Didn't think this would translate well to a phone game, but it's fun.
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