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Dec 6, 2009
Hey guys I did some search but didn't see anyone cover this. When I reboot my eris, ATK shows me running at around 98-107 RAM memory, but after a while it seems to go lower. It falls like 10mb per day. It's day three since reboot and I'm at 71 with no apps running. My regular use is mainly web browning, txts, and calls. Do we have to reboot these devices all the time or am I missing something. Any advice would be appreciated.
Both mine and my wife's Eris's do this too. We did an experiment to see if they would shut down the background tasks on their own by not using atk on one of the phones and by the third day her phone only had 15mb's of ram and was moving very slow and when she did kill all tasks it only went back up to 60mb. On my phone I was using advance task killer full version with auto kill set to every 30 minutes and would reboot the phone every morning and would start the day with 107mb and would end the day with 85mb of available ram. I am very curious as to what tasks are running in the background that atk can't see...
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^And in the meantime, it runs slow. That's the problem with allowing Android to do it itself.
Dont you love it when people like Gevis come into a forum and post when they dont even own an android device....anyway you are correct. Once it reaches 30mb or lower the entire phone slows to a crawl until you free up some memory. Gevis does not know this becuase he does not even own an android device yet he trys to post his "knowledge" or lack there of. People posting what the "think" they know is a BIG problem with online forums. What people "think" they know and what reality is are two very different thing.
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Onion, I would like to point out that it is people like YOU that ruin online forums. I have an Eris. The reply I posted is true. The original poster was asking if he should be worried about losing memory, which he shouldn't. If Android frees up memory when it needs to, it may slow down, but he doesn't have to worry about all of the memory just disappearing.

Onion, I have yet to see you do anything other than come into a thread, post some shitty comment, and then type "End of thread" without helping anyone. Don't pretend that you're some veteran of the website. You are absolutely no better than I am.

I did not post misinformation, and I hope it helps blindman13 know how android works. And hrbib, I agree with you, a task killing tool should be used before it comes down to the point where you can barely operate your Eris.
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Onion, I have yet to see you do anything other than come into a thread, post some shitty comment, and then type "End of thread" without helping anyone. Don't pretend that you're some veteran of the website. You are absolutely no better than I am.
Oh no sir....You cant even compare to the knowledge that I have. Ive been in the smartphone biz from the beginning and PPC biz before smartphone were even around. Your posts are so off that it looks like you dont even own an android device. Please do not post information if you dont have any experience. It is clear you dont have any experience when you advised not to worry about loosing memory when it in fact is a MAJOR problem due to the entire phone slowing down to a crawl. Something you would have noticed the first day or two of owning an android device, which you obviously not.

When people post misinformation I will be one step behind them with all my knowledge to take them down. Please dont post what you "think" is correct. What someone "thinks" and what reality is are two VERY different things.
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I'm just gonna /facepalm and move on.

If I post something I am unsure of, I will be sure to to clearly state it in the post. Feel free to correct me ANYTIME with better information. But despite your being in the "biz" for so long, you have yet to contribute to this conversation.
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I would encourage rebooting phone every few days. I also have task panel and use its widget to constantly monitor memory. Usually once mine gets bellow 30mb, it starts to lag. In that case I just tap on side of task panel widget to kill apps on my auto kill list. It also kills every 30 minutes. With this system in place I barely get lag. :)

enough of the bickering. i just recently purchased the droid eris. I have notice that texting and playing with the phone it has become sluggish. Especially when texting now there is a a little lag time when typing.


thanks in advance
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Glad to hear it. It's a bummer that it has to be done app by app though.
Exactly, I couldn't agree more. I've stated this point a few times with bad results. Apparently I'm too lazy and stupid to expect my phone to operate in a manner that doesn't require constant monitoring. :rolleyes:

This is something I'm hoping an o/s update will fix. Seems to me it wouldn't be a difficult fix (Windows does it...).
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Thank you for your response! I also wanted to clear one thing up, I always kill apps with ATK. It's day four and I'm at 68mb, with no apps running. So that's what I was wondering about. If I had apps running then I would understand it going from 109 to like 50, but I don't. So it just seems like the phone gets slower with each day untill u reboot it.
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