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Lost Phone App (inside the house)?


Android Question

All I want is an app that would make a loud sound (even at sleep mode) on my phone when you make a specific type of sound (e.g. specific word or phrase or even snap your finger sound) when lost my phone somewhere close by like under the cushion or inside the laundry or somewhere inside the house.

It a hassle for me on a weekly basis when waking up and couldn't find my phone before going out.

Is there an app for that without using a pc?
Hi and welcome to Android Forums!

I may be mistaken, but I do not believe that there is an app that does that: simply because it would require the phone to be constantly listening for you (since the phone would never know if it was lost or not). The new Moto X and the new Droid line have that low power listening capability: but every other phone would quickly drain their battery doing that. You can check the Google store, I could be wrong about availability.

It's great to have you here :)
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