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Help Lots of bugs with phone


Jun 9, 2010
I purchased this phone when it first was released last year. Lately it seems like the phone has been getting worse every month. Here are a few of the problems I'm having...

1) Phone resets the moment l pick up a call (25% chance)
2) YouTube videos crash, usually can just keep opening until it works (25% chance)
3) YouTube has a constant error message on widget saying "Connection problem. Touch to try again."
4) Music Player crashes after opening it (10% chance)
5) Contacts completely deleted one night
6) Contacts unlinked themselves from Facebook accounts another night
7) News feed is stuck with some articles from December
8) Alarm clock turning itself off at night

I think the phone has some great features to it, but honestly it's a shame that I'm having so many problems. Are there any actions I should consider taking?


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