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Help Making ringtones

Hello, could someone tell me the best place to make ringtones and have them sent to my phone ?

Thank you in advanced

Look for an app in the market called "Ringtone" by ringtone It has an orange fire looking EQ for its picture. It has tons of ringtones to search and choose from and it also contains a nice ringtone creator to chop up your own tracks with.
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I like Ringdroid. You can make ringtones on your phone. All you need is to load the MP3s on the phone and cut them down as you like. It's so easy.

actually you need to load it on the sd card.. i loaded it on the phone and ringdroid didn't find it.. but it will find the songs if you load it on your sd card

ringdroid is a great app to make your ringtones
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I've been using Ringdroid since i got my droid and i want use anything else.

I also recommend downloading two other apps

1)ringo lite and ringo pro(they are the same thing) one of them is the free version aka lite
and it allows you to assign multiple ringers to one contact or alert type(sms,email etc) and it allows you to download a whole lot.

2)Download imusic app...it's either imusic or i music
but i think it's imusic lolz

it allows you to download any mp3 you can think of and make sure ur connected to wi-fi.
It usually takes 2 mins or less to download

once you download the song(it's free btw)
go into ringdroid and you will see the song and it allows you to edit it to the part you want
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you can SET it as a ringtone, you can't MAKE a ringtone. for a ringtone, most of the time people like to have the chorus.
Using the Sense app you can select the start and end of the ringtone and are not limited to using just the beginning of the file. If you want to use the chorus as your ringtone, it can be selected and cropped. So... yes, you actually are able to create ringtones and set them without downloading any additional apps.
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