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Market new look & username message.


Sep 6, 2011

Got a HTC Desire on o2 in the UK & a couple of weeks ago the Market changed & now looks much slicker but since then most times but not always when i open the market a google sign in message appears asking me to re-enter my password but the username shown is my youtube user name so even if i put the correct password in nothing happens.

It does not let you past this screen & the only way i have found to get past this is to close the market & turn airplane mode on, then go back to the market & then press the back button which still leaves me in the market saying authentication required. Then if i press menu it lets me change the account back to google from youtube.

Anyone else had this as it is a pain.

Also everyone else i know with android phones still got the old style market even someone else on o2 with a desire.

Just noticed in settings in the market i have build version 3.1.3

Is your Google account registered properly with the device? Via Settings, Accounts & Sync Settings, Gmail/Google account?

I've never seen this before, which HTC Desire do you have?
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The way I see this, looks like the Market may not have updated properly, which would require the phone to be reset to step one. If you must uninstall updates for the Market, you can do so via Manage Applications, go down to Market, and click the Uninstall Updates.
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