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Root Matrix Bootanimation with sound for Ctmode3.68

does this actually work?

I just installed this bootanimation pretty cool!! I dunno about the sound i didnt really hear anything whats it supposed to be??? Thanks to ovniufo for the post Love it!!
My little Prevail is getting more and more badass everytime I log on to The forum now its really awesome the amount of dev put into this and the availability of tut's on everything I want to learn more so I can make some kind of contribution.... Anyone wanna point me in a good direction to start?
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This one works with cm7 too. All of our custom ROMs support custom bootanimations. But the sound might not work as is. I have been doing a little reading about the changes that have to be made to 'manually' enable boot sound on cm7.

The only info I have found is this:
And several variations of these instructions, all of which install the same thing.
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