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May be a dumb question but.. (about leaks and OTA)

I believe this has been tried, in a way. If I remember the latest round of posts about people trying to move from the leak to the OTA the big problem is the Hboot number on the OTA vs the LV3. The leak is .02 high than the OTA.

Yes, it was tried using the RUU for MR2, as well as by extracting the PB00IMG.ZIP from that RUU and doing it manually. Neither works.
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Hmm well, like how I downloaded a file and put it onto my phone, did the whole installation thing to get v3, couldn't it be possible to get the 1.5 file, like the other leaks, and do the same thing that I did with the leak? I'm not talking about moving from the leak to the OTA, I'm talking about from leak back to the stock version.
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