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message not sent error wont leave me alone

i have 5 bars of service. when i send a text it either takes forever to send or it says message not sent please try again and a red triangle pops up next to the message. i also dont recieve texts half of the time and cant call people unless i try to call them 5 times in a row. i have a nexus s 4g. i have encountered quite a few problems with the phone but they all seem to occur after i download an app. this messaging problem makes me wanna break my phone in 2. has anyone had it and know how to fix it?
hey all i have got a problem. My phone Lg optimus p970 appears to have trouble with sending texts at times.A red triangle comes up and it says ''message failed' or something like that,well basicly reetting the phone doesnt help and neither does having the app called Handcent or whatever, any help? i cant bare this problem,thanks maya
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