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Root [MetroPCS/CDMA] [ROM] AOKP/4.3.1 (UNOFFICIAL) 12-26-2013 d2mtr


No Stranger 2 Danger
Jun 7, 2011
Lynn, MA
ok guys since i been gone for a while i figured i could give you something new-ish to play with.. this is in no disrespect to chiwen, i understand he is busy with life to keep up with aokp nightlies, so i did my best to build the latest version of (jb-mr2/4.3.1) for the d2mtr as of 12-26-2013
This is a clean (unnoficial) build of the latest aokp jb-mr2 repo with cm10.2 kernel source
compiled myself with much assistance from the fellas @ irc.freenode #oudhitsquad

thanks to flakito & rooqy for MMS Fix

for more information on aokp and what it is exactly, check out this link http://aokp.co/about/


~as i am still learning this as i go i fear there is still 1 thing i cannot seem to fix atm..

-bluetooth audio streaming (seems to cause different issues for different people)
this is a current issue with cm and aokp code all together, not much i can do

other than that everything works perfect and is a fun build to play around with :D

Installation Instruction: CWM Recomended
-download rom & gapps (from pc)
-transfer to root of your sd-card
-wipe data, cache, dalvik
-manually format system (in mounts/storage options)
-install rom, mms then gapps in that order!
-reboot and enjoy!

NOTE: do not format your data partition on accident or you will lose all saved files on internal-sd


Rom: AOKP_4.3.1_D2mtr_Unofficial

GApps: Goo.im Downloads - Downloading gapps-jb-20130301-signed.zip
Honestly I mean I'm willing to build them no prob.. But like I said I'm still learning the whole github thing etc so I'm not sure how to get the AOKP guys to make it official lol

@ellunit: this ROM is very different from #2, it similar to pure aosp (touchwiz free in other words) but with some great additions such as ROM control etc.. Plus its 4.3.1 where as #2 is based off stock mf2 firmware which is 4.1.2
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