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Help MHS (mobile hotspot) didn't work initially


Nov 8, 2009
I got the Turbo 64 and my plan includes Mobile Hot Spot (MHS), but it didn't work initially. The error message was something like the "order could not be completed". The following day I called the number that was on the error message and after about 30 minutes of typical Verizon wait and wait and wait, I was told by the first person that a number of Turbo owners were having problems with MHS. But somehow it magically started working, so I guess something was fixed while I was on the call. I had checked my account first to make sure it was in the plan and it was, so maybe it was just my situation and not the same problem others had.
I had ordered online using the error-prone website (sent me to a page not found and couldn't get back, so wound up with an order for two phones on the same number). Then my time in the store for the 30 minute pickup turned into an hour and 45 minutes. At least the "Solutions Specialist" in the store was good.
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