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microsd or microsdhc?


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May 17, 2010
Stupid question, but the HTC Desire official
promo web page only mentions microsd compatability.

Will it definately take microsdhc cards as well?

Is there any point using an sdhc card over just an sd one in
a phone? does it make use of the higher transfer speeds?
or are they only really worth having in fast digital cameras?

microSDHC are just microSD that are more than 4GB. The Desire can handle up to a 32GB microSDHC card. Well if you have a higher speed transfer it's better since if you use your phone extensively, you'll have alot of data on your microSD card. Buy the memory that fits you. If you want a lot of music, you know you'll use the camera to take a lot of pictures, you'll save documents (words/excels/pdf) on the card then yes, it's better to have a bigger/faster memory card. Also with Apps2SD enabled in Android 2.2, you'll have the option to install your apps to the microSD card, which means you can have as much apps as the capacity of your microSD card. Hope that answers your question.

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that's pretty much the sweet spot in microsd atm, 16gb. For the sake of completeness:

class refers to the the speed of the card with 6 being the fastest available (as far as I'm aware).

there is a new kind of memory coming called sdxc, which will have upto...I want to say 2.5 terrabytes, but it's at least 1tb. However, unless HTC are keeping a big secret, our devices will not support xc cards, plus, they are a bit hinky. Apparently, if you accidentally format an xc card in a hc drive, it'll never be xc again.

To make it worse, if you put an xc card in the hc slot of something like a camera, it will probably pop up a message telling you that the card needs to be formatted & would you like to do it now :eek:
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