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Microsoft Money

I'm looking for a financial app that will sync with microsoft money. Something like Ultrasoft Money. I used that on my windows mobile phone and it synced flawlessly and effortlessly.

I know there are other financial programs out there that will allow you to keep a checkbook on your phone, but I don't want the checkbook solely on the phone, I want it on the desktop too and microsoft money is already there and works great. Some of these other apps out there will sync with ms money if you download the file in this format to your sd card, hold your tongue to the top of your mouth, move the file to the computer via usb, move your tongue 90 degrees to the north, change the file format and then import it from within money... well, you get the idea. I don't want to have to do all that.

Anything out there?
I believe the reasoning is that we would be using mobile banking so there would be no need for an app such as quicken or microsoft money on our android phones. I personally think they are missing the point. While it is nice to be able to connect to the bank and see my balance, pay my bills, etc. I would also like to keep a scrollable, categorizable check register on my phone. That they don't offer. I think that the mobile banking feature should automatically create said check register for me so I don't have to enter any data at all. Not just show me my last 5 transactions. What good is that? If I need to be able to see if I paid my power bill this month that could take a while.
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