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Mixology App Drains Battery


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Mar 9, 2011
I tried the Mixology App (bartending, mixing drinks) today and it looks great, very nicely done, lots of features, etc. but there was one problem. I played around with the app and then backed out of it using the back key (LG Optimus V) since there is no exit option on the Mixology App menu. About 4 hours later I noticed my battery getting low so I checked the Battery Use and Mixology had used 23% of my battery (that includes everything from when unplugged from the charge in the morning!). I went in and had to Force Close the app. I rebooted the phone (just to see what it would do) and started Mixology again and I had to go in and Force Close it again.

I know a lot of programs run in the background and I know how Android caches data and apps but this app was actively draining the battery for no apparent reason.

Has anyone else used this app or noticed any similar behavior with other apps? I did go to the developer web page and sent them a query through their contact page so I can report that when I get an answer. Thanks.
The developer responded very quickly and they have not heard of anyone else having any problems with their app causing battery drain. I have tried to recreate the issue several times and have not been able to. Mixology still runs in the background but was not affecting my battery life. I don't know why it did it that one time but if I ever see it again I will try to figure out the combination of apps, operations, etc. that were in place before it happened.
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