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MMS and Internet APN Settings Hero 3 UK


Dec 6, 2009
Hi all

I've been trawling the threads here for a few weeks to see if I can find the answers I'm looking for but since I can't seem to put my finger on it I've decided to post a thread hoping that you can help me out.

I've bought an unlocked HTC Hero a couple of months back to use with my 3 sim card. I've been able to get the internet on the phone no problem but cannot recieve or send mms. Now that 3 support the HTC Hero, I thought they'd be able to provide me with settings that would allow my phone to work but for some unknown reason the settings they have given me do not do the job. I've called them three times, now...

Could someone on 3 in the UK and has working mms and internet fill in the following gaps for me so I know that I've filled in all the APN fields correctly?

MMS Proxy:
MMS Port:
MMS Protocol:
APN type

Thanks for your help!

Just had a weird problem, posting the solution in case anyone else meets it...

Today I lost 3G... didn't think anything of it as I was driving about somewhere I didn't know...

Got home, no 3G...

Checked everything, nope, all seems OK, switched to 2G, switched off 2G.. still no go...

went & drove under the local mast, 5 bars, switch the 'phone off/on, still nothing...


Came home, thought "Could it be those pesky APN settings?? and went through them 1-by-1... no idea why as I hadn't changed it but... "APN Type" rather than blank was set to "-"... blanked it again, 3G pops up in the status bar...

No idea how it happened...


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Thanks for all the useful advice in this thread esp Jonous! Now that I think about it MMS has never worked for me on my Defy with 3 and I completely forgot that I would need to set all this up.

When I first switched to three on my old Nokia N70 (from Voda) I actually called them up and recal that they sent me configurations within a text message to my handset! The first time they did this it didn't work so I had to call them back. They sent them again and I recal receiving this text and doing something and it installed and set up all the three settings and configurations on my phone for mobile internet, sms and mms!

I think I need to do the same for my Defy as MMS is the one that doesn't work so the others must have been automatically set up (if they needed to be?).

My email has always been a problem for outgoing and 3 have been most unhelpful and clueless pointing me back to my ISP who point me to 3 and so on. But it is definitely 3 I need the settings from for outgoing emails (smtp) while on the move and away from home WiFi network yet they tell me categorically that they have no outgoing email server which is a lie.

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