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Moto 360 up for pre-order in the UK

Update: Do not place any orders for the Moto 360 through the O2 website. It failed for me at the last stage, and all reports I've seen have been people saying the same thing.

I even saw one person saying their card has been charged even though the order failed. It doesn't appear my card has been charged (yet).
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So I read on Thursday that the o2 site was bow offering next day delivery. I ordered my moto 360 which didn't arrive on Friday. I spent a while on chat on o2 web site where I was first told it is out of stock. After I complained that it shouldn't have allowed me to order if stock want available the guy asked me to give him 24 hours to sort out, this was yesterday and today (Sunday) I got a text telling me watch well be delivered tomorrow. (I've had to reschedule for Tuesday) in happy with this and looking forward to playing with it.
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