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MOTO Droid = $289 & HTC Eris = $169 from Verizon with warranty, etc.


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Apr 8, 2010
All these people asking some pretty redonkulous prices for their used phones, and I don't know how they expect to get away with it for much longer.

Apparently through Verizon you can purchase these phones, along with many other devices for less than what these people are asking. The only catch, if you want to call it that, is they're certified pre-owned. But that's better than some else's 'used' phone. Plus these carry a one year warranty and the option to be covered by insurance.

I called today (6/25) just to see what the pricing was and the MOTO Droid is only $289, while the Eris is at a measly $169. So to all you effin price jacker-uppers - GET REAL!
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