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Help Motocast won't play music after update


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Nov 18, 2011
Motocast won't play music from my computer since OTA update. It shows the music file, it just won't play. Everything else syncs just fine...pictures, documents, etc. I also noticed Google Music installed also that I didn't previously have, and it won't uninstall.
I don't know if it was the ota update that broke motocast or why one evening it just wouldn't stream. I could see my videos, but when I would try to play one, it only showed a generic video icon and wouldn't play.

Solution: tap apps, my gallery, motocast, menu, settings, motocast settings, motocast data reset.

It will throw up a warning of some sort. proceed with the motocast data reset.
Close it and reopen my gallery. It told me I had a bunch of photos and stuff to upload, but motocast streaming worked after that.
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