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Motorola Droid fan

It finally happened! They released the Bionic today. Now I have to wait a few more weeks before I go out and get one. I want to see if the first production devices are stable and I have to see if my family will buy me one for my birthday in 18 days.
I have been patiently waiting for over a year for the Bionic but it has been my experience that the greatest and most stable production of new products are best purchased after a short time after they are made available to the public.
Initially, I thought i would buy an iPhone 5 when it was released but although it is a good product its software, hardware and networking technology lags behind Androids.
I have the opportunity to review many of the Smartphones released over the past 18 months and find my policy of waiting for stability and user experience is a good thing. I want to be on the cutting edge not the bleeding edge.


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