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Motorola Droid Versus Omnia II-Serious Question


Nov 6, 2009
I was going to get a Motorola Droid since I found out other browsers for the internet are available (hated getting the Mobile versions of every web site).
However, I found out the Omnia II with Windows Mobile 6.5 is coming out this week. The phone looked decent from the reviews it had received on other Networks-I am assuming they will be better since the Verizon version is going to use WinMo 6.5.

Anyone used both phones-I know obviously not on Verizon, but anyone used one with another carrier? How was it?

This decision would be made easier if the Passion would come out...
Hey, i played with the droid for an hour or so, iv not used the omnia 2 but i can tell you somethings that are important and you can google yourself...the proccessor in the omnia 2 is higher in numbers but lower in technoligy. The processor in the droid i an omap, only 2 other phones have this type of processing power wich is twice as fast and cam handle more things at once, the iphome 3gs, palm pre. I owned a pre and have dome comparisoms. Any other phone is not close to the speed and power, iv compared my pre to the hero and it was aboit 15 seconds faster at loading web pages, the pre that is. The droid was faster tjan the pre by about a second. I left the pre because of constant hardware isues, hence the hero i own. I jave used windows monile alot amd stay up on there game. Iv used touch pro 2, toich diamomd, omnia 1, and palm pro. The abilities are great bit with constant softare erors, plus no windows mobile phone is even close to the screen sensstivity. Its resistove not copasative, it jist makes a b3tter experiamce to have a. really sensatibe screen like copasative, ya know? Hopefilly i gqve you something usefull in my ramnlings, hope so, just do alot of research before spendin your hard earned money. Take care
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