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MrBeast's new "Finger on the app" app made me a little bit mad... here's how you can avoid that!

Last time I couldn't participate in MrBeast's finger on the app challenge because I don't have an iPhone. But thankfully this time they released the app for android aswell, but there is still a major flaw with the app and I will explain how to fix it.
So basically when you first install the app and you have to make an account, it FORCES you to use a US phone number. This is a problem for me because I live in eastern europe (very sad o_O). I tried to use my real phone number and it would give me a "parameter error". It's pretty obvious you have to use a US phone number cuz it uses that (###) - ### - #### format.
So if you also don't live in the US and you want to participate, all you have to do is look up "free online sms receiver" and select a US phone number and register with that. You may also have to install a VPN when you register, however after you registered you can turn off your vpn and it still lets you access the app.
The only real issue is that if you win, they might disqualify you for not being from the US (which would actually be outrageous) or for using a fake phone number which is apparently against the rules (but u literally HAVE to use a fake phone number if you're not from the US so it's not fair). I also don't understand why they couldn't make it international, is it because too many people would join and crash the app or something? Or is it because he assumes that 99.9999999999% of people live in the US? (Which is kinda true on the internet so big oof for me). Anyway lemme know your thoughts in the comments.
well i think that majority of his followers are US...i said majority not all LOL. so i think it is an assumption on his part as well. i agree though that he is pretty huge now and that he should people from all over the world. maybe contact the developers for the app.
I kinda have a feeling he did this just to reduce the amount of people competing because he posted a story on IG explaining that the app had issues because of too many people downloading it. But even then I feel like they could have at least included europe because not that many people from europe watch him so it wouldn't really make a difference.
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So it's another stupid people doing stupid things type channel. Yeh, I don't subscribe to those.
he is also cool in that he will go on twitch and donate a ton of money to small time streamers. or he would bring in his followers to "raid" fellow twitchers. he gives away a ton money.

i mean how cool is this:
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