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Help Ms500 insane amount of restarts. I appreciate any help available.


Jul 26, 2015
So... Was given this ms500 by my sister in nearly the condition it is in now & Idk how she used it daily. SO the main problem is that the phone (soft)reboots from the system ui straight to the metro PCs boot animation. Takes abt 10 seconds & boots back up. Not too bad right? Well, it does this every time you press the menu key to open a menu in "stock" system apps(like contacts, home ui, file manager, DIALER{{can't make even emergency calls}} also every 4 mins or so it reboots the same way anyway so theres a 4 min time limit while its fully past loop) so you can't do much really. This I guess came to happen over time getting worse & worse so I tried factory soft restore (not button combo) after factory resetting it now is in the worse state I've seen it & I tried also hard reset( button combo) & it goes thru the process fine. Turn it off, put on charger, charging screen shows & works, turn on, gets to mpcs screen & loops endlessly(more than 35m). I CAN GET INTO DOWNLOAD MODE & OTHER PRE-STARTUP MODES. Itbshiws no network or phone identity info) but it loads the stock rhapsody widget finely & plays stock sounds OK. It does say 10b & lgms500 in software/hardware info. I have read around the internet about SD card issues & similar looping but I have tried no SD, & a few diff SD to no avail of changing looping & when I get past loop, i can copy from SD to phone but it crashes afterward. Can't open anything from file manager tho. Can browse folders & see but can't open anything(even apks). But I can c/p back and forth slowly for sake of storing data on the phone like a slooooooow flash drive.

The big qquestionI have is should I flash a fresh kdz with the lg update software via PC, root, debloat, rebloat enjoy?, or is that going to be a waste of time & the problem is obvious & I'm oblivious? Sry for the long post. Thank you for reading it :) any help would be appreciated a lot. I'll answer any questions if asked to the best of my knowledge. Thank you again AF community.
Could be a problem with some system files (the rom) or some flaky flash memory cells. A full restore with kdz is probably the best bet. Good luck.
Thank you. I did just that. Flashed kdz, & it works fine now. Must've been some sort of virus or something. idk. But yeah, flashed kdz, rooted & did the works & now it runs perfectly. Like brand new. Thank you for the reply. Have a nice day/night.
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