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Music Players only play 10 secs of some mp3's? Help!


Apr 11, 2012
Hello all, new to forum & my first post!

I recently purchased a Pantech Crossover running Froyo and I use it to listen to podcasts in the car... each is an hour long in mp3 format, all of the podcasts have identical bitrate, etc. About half the mp3 files play just fine, the other half only play the first 10 seconds then skip to next track, regardless of which player I try to use (stock, poweramp, or mortplayer). All of the files are saved in the same directory on SD Card. If I connect the phone to PC via usb cable and turn on USB Transfer, I can play ALL of the mp3 podcasts (from the phone's SD card) on my PC just fine. I put the SD card in my MP3 player and the files play fine there... This seems like a really odd problem since only some of the files are affected and not all of them, and also the fact that the files play fine from the SD card on other devices. Any assistance with this issue is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.


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