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Help music wont show up anywhere on my phone!!


Nov 5, 2010
I was gonna listen to music on my sgs2 and all of the music didnt appear, i rebooted and tried again and still no music. I took out the memory card and put it back in and still no music.

ive tried everything short of resetting my phone because i dont want to lose all of the progress on my apps.

on poweramp if i look on the library file system i see all of the files with the music in them but in the artist and album section theres nothing. I even tried using the doubletwist player because i synced my music using doubletwist but there was still nothing.

Any ideas how i can get my music to show up??

I am having this issue too. yesterday I put a bunch of music on my s3. Didnt show up. Tried a reboot. Nothing. I moved them from sd card to phone memory. Still nothing. I can however play the music from x-plore , a file system app. Which is weird becoz the phones media player opens it and plays it. but when i open media player normally i cannot find my music. even in settings ... search.. However the next day. the music was working fine.
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