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Help My Acer Liquid E2 shows that I only have 1,65gb memory on my MicroSD card while I have 8gb!!! Why?


Feb 12, 2013

yesterday I bought a brand new Acer Liquid E2, I love the phone but there are problems!

First: I put a 32gb MicroSD card in the phone and it crashed and now my 32gb MicroSD card is damaged!

Then: I put a 8gb MicroSD card in the phone, it has recognised the card but when I try to move apps to sd card the phone shows that it has only 1,65gb memory while I have 8gb MicroSD capacity!!!

Can anyone tell me for God's sake why the hell I only can move 1,65gb apps on SD while I have more memory!!!???

I hope we can fix that problem otherwise I will turn my phone back.

Thanks in advance
This is the problem with all Android phones with Android newer than ICS 4.0.
However it is solvable.

You have to root the phone and then there is an easy fix that allows you yo install apps to SD card.

If you are new to rooting, just ask.

This phone is very popular in France, if by any chance you speak Franch, there are step-by-step tutorials.
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