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Help My admire shuts off on it's own?


Feb 9, 2012
I've had this phone for about 4 months now, it used to reboot on it's own earlier but lately it's been powering off not coming back on as a result of which ive been missing calls. I don't think it's the battery and I don't have any games on it. I have done a reset twice but that dint help either. I live miles away from any accessible metropcs store to bring it to them. Is it defective, what should I do?
It says total space unavailable, 101 mb used, 182 mb free in the running section
Running services: settings(1 process 0 service)
Factory test (1 process 1 service)
SyncMLSvc ( 1 p 1 s)
Google services(2 processes 1s)
Visual voice mail (1p 1s)
Maps (1p 1 s)
Swype ( 1p 1s)
Metropcs easy wifi (1p 1s)
Drm protected content (1p 1s)
internal storage 53 mb used ,143 free
I dunno anything about all this I hope I provided u what u asked for.
Thank you.
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