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Help My Droid Pro is becoming unresponsive- Its going to go in the fish tank..


Sep 27, 2011
So something is going on with my Droid Pro. Works fine for a while, then the various applications that I am using become unresponsive and I get the warning box that the program is not responding (force close, wait etc)

it seems any application that I have to add inputs to, this happens to, email, facebook etc.

Right now It is reporting Activity Home (in application home) is not responding.

My guess is it is memory related, dont have a clue how to proceed..

When this happens, is see com.android.inputmethod using the most battery.. right now on mine it is using 28%.

SD card has 1.03GB of available space, and application space is reporting 350MB available.
Are you running (brain fart, what is it called) a task manager? If so, dump it.

Nope no task manager. At any rate, I did the deed and factory restored it yesterday. I found out the hard way that it erases the sd card, or I did it wrong, lost all my apps that were on the card.

I was surprised though that under the app store, My APPS, it did not list all the apps that I downloaded or purchased. it was short by lots. I would have thought that when you logged into your account it would have at least shown all the apps that are or were yours...

Probably did something wrong there as well..
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