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My Eris has 2.1 and it is TERRIBLE


May 19, 2010

My Eris went to 2.1 last week. Since the change, it crashes constantly. The camera often does not work (I just get a black screen), and 50% of the time I try to make a phone call, it just doesn't connect and I have to restart the phone. Also, when I bring up the number pad to find a contact or dial a number, about 50% of the time it is incredibly frustratingly slow so it takes about 15 seconds for each number to register.

Any ideas?

I called Verizon. I did a *228, we'll see if that works. They said if it doesn't, do a factory reset, and if that doesn't work, get a new phone.

The tech support lady told me this was the first she had heard about the silent call bug. Also, during the call, I had to hit some buttons on the keypad, which wouldn't come up. She'd never heard of that happening either.
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