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Help My evo flashing Orange then green when on charger plz help! Wont charge

Ive been reading that most of these issues are from overheating but I just got this phone tonight brand new. When i got home i turned it on for a second and the battery lost its juice then i pluged in the charger and it started flashing orange green orange green.... But the phone wont charge and wont turn on now because the battery is dead! Ugg im frustrated!!!
are you sure you got the charger plugged in right?
in a good outlet?
in your phone solid?

you could just have a bad battery!
or a bad phone
or a bad charger cable.

of if the battery is extremely low.. it may take an extra long time on the charger to get back. leave it on the charger all night.

if tomorrow it dont come on.. take it back .. and exchange for a new one.
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Also with the first charge its best to have the phone completely off. Plug it in an just leave it.

If you still have a problem this morning remove the battery then replace it back in. Make sure it is seating properly. Then try to charge it. If you getting the same error then just grab the packaging and take it back it could be a bad battery or there something wrong with the phone itself either way don't leave until the issues are resolved.
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