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Help My Galaxy S overheats to 50 degree celcius


Mar 23, 2011
Hi , I just bought a Galaxy S 4 days back then its was over heating like ****. So got it replaced then this one too is heating like this. When i play angry birds or go to internet using edge for just 10 mins my phone overheats from 40 to 46. When i put that to charge and then use it for downloading it went to blasting 50 degree Celsius. I am fed up of this its very very uncomfortable to hold. Can u suggest me something on this . Or is this very normal in all Galaxy S mobiles ? :thinking::mad:
I just did a quick check on my phone. When the phone is idea and the screen has been off for a while the temp reads at about 27 degrees. When I use the phone for checking my email and just simple web surfing I see the temp jumps to around 35 degrees. So I guess if you are playing a game I would see the phone getting over 40 degrees easy. I will keep checking and tell you what I find.

I would suggest turning off the GPS and Bluetooth when not using them, and make sure your screen brightness is set to Auto so that it will use less power.
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