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Help My HTC Evo no longer vibrates

Well was it new phone? If so find out where they got it from and hit them up. You maybe able to "social" you way out of this just say you got this as present and you didn't actually active service and use the phone till 1month. If you got it from sprint well then keep hitting Rep's until someone listen I know people who got replacements even after remorse period was over, just threaten to cancel service and if you got it from Sprint as new phone they will have transaction data so just provide them with proof.
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They got it officially though Sprint right? I am not Sprint customer so I don't know their internal policies but from what I know they will not honor it if you don't get it from their vendors. If your parents did get it from Sprint call Tech Support and tell them you need replacement as its hardware failure and your not satisfied with it blah blah blah whatever you need to tell them you get the idea. But if all fails you have HTC's warranty which you are still covered under so no worries.
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