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my moto g9 power off when phone shows 40 percent, and when i click network etc


Jan 8, 2017
hi, I usually charge the phone between 15 to 95 percent and i had no problem at all. But of late, the auto power off give me discontinuance of browsing and buying when I opt for products from online stores etc. It is annoying. I tried cache clearing etc. but the problem persist. when i tap the network, sometimes, the phone power off itself . you have to reboot. When i reboot the percent of battery shows the same as before I have the power off.
I had not resorted to reset as I fear having lost all data and logins etc.
how do i test if there is something wrong in battery. battery charges normally taking the normal time. The power off is a sudden thing that totally gives you nothing other than using another reboot.
please give me solution
Could you give me software app that really gives result of battery problems or charger problems. The last resort is repair shop

i would factory reset the device. this will rule out if it is a software issue. if you are still having issues afterwards, than it is a hardware issue. i would get a quote first as sometimes repairs can cost more than the phone is worth.
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i did the factory reset but still it keeps power off. is there any app to check the wear and tear of the battery. the charging involves, the battery, circuit and the charger, and the connecting wire. To find, if the battery wear is more, could you recommend a real software that does it.
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