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my pandigital


Feb 5, 2011
wow this is so cool I htink I may have found the right place to ask my questions anbd get some insight from some folks that know some stuff Im new at this so if I say something stupid thats why....I bought this pandigital novel I like it I have put the open plat form thing on it..but there are a coup[le of ht ings I would like to know..what is it that the guys who hack it that makes the volume buttons become next buttons oir what ever that is? and is it better than the open platform thing....I have one problem that is driving me crazy and it just started a couple days ago and I do so much stuff with this thing(or try to) that I cant look back and see where I messsed up....my keyboard takes at least 10 full minutes to show up..and thenb it just pops up out of nowwhere..and Im sure you know that you cant do anything without the keyboard...does someone know what I can do to fix this problem? also I cant get alot of stuff that other folks say they have like Kindle...and appbrain...and the fastinstaller that goes with it....I would really love to have that...I cant find hardley any apps...I just done know where to look for them...I have appstore..but thats about all..can someone tell me where I can get some good stuff for htis thing.......thanks very much for your help...I htink Im going to really like htis place......Kev


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