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my samsung epic screen stays black and wont turn on



I have a samsung epic and well it just totally stopped working and i dont know why. So here's what happened I sat my phone down for a second to go clean and when i came back I press the power button to wake it up and the screen wouldnt turn on and stayed black. I pressed it again and then tried touching the screen but it stayed black and then restarted. It continued doing the same thing everytime I pressed the power button and touched the screen. also when i would touch the screen the buttons below like the home button, setting, back button and the search button would light up and but kinda flicker. then i would continue trying to touch the screen and it would just restart the phone over and over again. I tried taking the battery out and it did nothing. I havent dropped it in water, water has never touched it, and i have never dropped it on any hard surfaces. its only been dropped on the carpet, bed or couch. my phone wasnt technically new when i got it. it was a certified new phone but had been used before. I do keep my phone in my back pocket a lot and forget its there and sit on it sometimes. my boyfriend thinks its not working because of that. So if anyone could please help me out as to find out whats wrong with my phone and possibly be able to help fix it that would be great. right now im using my old phone that i got before my epic. and the phone i am using right now was left on top of my car by accident when i drove off and fell in the middle of the street and had been ran over. screen not broken shocking. but a phone that has been ran over is working way better then a phone that hasnt been ran over, dropped in water, or dropped on hard surfaces and its a older phone then the epic. so someone please help me out so i dont have to use the phone im using now anymore. right now i cant do anything with the phone. i can hear notifications going off and i hear it ring but i cant do anything about it bc the screen wont turn on!! PLEASE HELP!!
thanks a bunch!


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